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Google Chrome blocks download due to virus


Says the executable is harmful. I am able to access the CodePlex site just fine.

Found this random article:
Emsisoft - AMNet - TerraMap.exe - Is This File Safe?
Not sure how helpful it is.

Can't download so far to run the VirusTotal myself.

Terraria Wiki - Map viewers


jcoon wrote Dec 26, 2016 at 7:43 PM

Looks like it's not just TerraMap, but all projects on CodePlex have been marked as malicious by Google Chrome. Even Microsoft's own "Windows USB/DVD Download Tool" is, and it's one of the most popular projects on CodePlex:

This seems like a mistake on Google's part which will hopefully be resolved soon. I'll investigate and bring up the issue with CodePlex and Google.

Thanks for reporting!