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Released: Apr 23, 2017
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Release Notes

Full support for Terraria v1.3.5 worlds.

*What's new in v1.3.51:
  • Fixed errors loading Terraria v1.3.5 worlds.
  • Added new Terraria v1.3.5 tiles and items.

Install instructions:
  1. Make sure you have .NET Framework v4.5 installed.
  2. Download the TerraMap ZIP file.
  3. Extract the TerraMap ZIP file.
  4. Run TerraMap.exe.

Previous release changes:

  • Fixed issue #43189: "Width and Height must be non-negative" when loading a Terraria 1.3.4 world.
  • Updated tiles.xml, added new items.

  • Full support for Terraria v1.3.3 worlds
  • Fixed issue #43188: "World file tiles list start is not where it's expected to be. Expected: 2646 Actual: 2633" when loading a Terraria 1.3.3 world.
  • Fixed an issue trying to find Strange Plants.
    • Thanks to meow_k for reporting the issue and pointing out the solution!
  • Updated tiles.xml, added missing "Strange Plant" items, fixed a bunch of item names.

  • Fixed issue #43187: "World file tiles list start is not where it's expected to be. Expected: 2612 Actual: 2604" when loading a world where the NPCs are currently partying. :)
    • Thanks to Anemous for reporting the issue, and EnigmaQuip for pointing out the solution!

  • Fixed errors loading Terraria v1.3.2 worlds.
  • Added new 1.3.2 blocks and items.

  • Added new 1.3.1 blocks and items.

  • Added all of the new blocks and items.
  • Added yellow wire.

  • Fixed errors loading Terraria v1.3.1 worlds.
  • Have not yet added all of the new blocks and items, but will very soon!

  • Show/Export GPS depth and position. Added to the status bar, and added File->Export to save highlighted tile positions to a file 43183.
  • Display the number of highlighted tiles after loading a new world 43182.
  • Added instructional text to reduce confusion caused by "spoiler" features 43179.

  • Added player selector, options for 'no spoilers', 'all spoilers', or just what the player has seen in game.
  • Added File->Open Player menu.
  • Added cloud icons to File->Open World menu.

  • Added ability to specify multiple tiles and/or items on the command line. Example: terramapcmd -i "C:\Users\Jason\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds\World1.wld" -o "C:\Users\Jason\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds\World1.png" -n "Ebonstone;Ebonsand;Corrupted Vine".
  • Added highlighted block percentage to status bar (15% Corruption, for example).
  • Added new Terraria world properties (SavedAngler, AnglerQuest, SavedStylist, SavedTaxCollector, TempCultistDelay, FastForwardTime, DownedFishron, DownedMartians, DownedAncientCultist, DownedMoonlord, DownedHalloweenKing, DownedHalloweenTree, DownedChristmasIceQueen, DownedChristmasSantank, DownedChristmasTree, DownedTowerSolar, DownedTowerVortex, DownedTowerNebula, DownedTowerStardust, TowerActiveSolar, TowerActiveVortex, TowerActiveNebula, TowerActiveStardust, LunarApocalypseIsUp)
  • Added search box to world properties window.

  • Fixed some tiles and variants with the same name (ruby and other gems) not being highlighted properly.
  • Zoom toolbar buttons are now enabled while the map loads, highlights, etc.
  • Added/improved status messages while reading, drawing, highlighting, and searching the map.
  • Improved the appearance of the labels for tiles, items, and walls in the list.
  • Added the ability to search the list by type (tile, item, wall) and parent tile type (gems, lights, etc).
  • Added Esc shortcut key to close the tile selection and set editor windows.
  • Thanks to whoever submitted the patch for cloud saved world support. CodePlex sent me the patch file, but not your username. Let me know who to thank, and I'll add thanks/credit/attribution.
  • Thanks to kybagames and shadowdragonborn for the suggestions!

  • Added support for cloud saved worlds.
  • Added ability to darken blocks rather than highlight them (Invert Highlight, defaults to false).
  • Added highlight color picker (defaults to black).
  • Saved PNG image now includes the current highlight options (inverted, color, etc).
  • Command-line renderer now uses a 75% opaque black overlay for highlighted items (same default as UI). Will add command line argument options for these later, if requested.

  • Added customizable set editor UI.
  • Fixed typo in tiles.xml ("Crismon Sandstone" -> "Crimson Sandstone")

  • Added customizable sets.
  • Added ability to highlight Red, Green, and/or Blue wires.
  • Added ability to highlight walls.
  • Added ability to highlight based on tile, wall, and/or item, completely separately.

  • Fixed command line renderer NullReferenceException (Issue 43176).

  • Updated TerraMap version number, fixed update notification.

  • Added full support for Terraria 1.3 worlds.
  • Added names and colors for new items, tiles, and walls. Thanks EnigmaQuip for the help!

  • Added very basic support for Terraria 1.3 worlds.
  • Lots of new items, tiles, and walls in this update, and all of them currently show as "Unknown" with a black color.

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